Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Using up the Halloween Candy...

Whopper Brownies

I don't know about anyone else, but we have been in a serious Halloween Candy Coma.  I purposely bought candy that I wouldn't be tempted by to give away and we were able to pass all of that out.  Then, however, the boys brought home a huge stash from a Halloween party at their Great Grandma's and when I was at the grocery store yesterday, they had all the leftover candy for 50% off.  How can I turn down a bag of 100 Grands for only $1.57???

Looking at the disgusting amount of candy precariously perched up on top of our fridge (out of the hands of a candy-thieving toddler), it's clear that some drastic measures need to be taken to clear this stuff out of here.  Thus, I put on of my favorite ways to use up leftover candy to good use today:

Candy Brownies
Let's be frank, here.  All I did was use a boxed brownie mix and added the called for water, flour and eggs.  Once I spread the batter into a prepared pan (line your pan with foil for easy removal!), sprinkle chopped up pieces of your favorite chocolate bars (or a combination of several kinds) and bake as directed.  This evening, I foisted brownies with chopped up Whoppers in them on our friends.  

You can also do the same thing by stirring chopped up candy pieces into cookie dough (chocolate chip cookie dough minus the chocolate chips, sub the leftover Halloween candy).

and then there's my husband's favorite use:

Homemade Blizzards
Stir chopped up candy pieces into softened vanilla ice cream.  Adding milk can help create a smoother texture.  This one is great because everyone can customize their own.

You can keep candy in the freezer for up to a year and a lot of candies tend to break into pieces more easily when they're frozen, so this might be a good method of portion control...

Some other ideas...
Drop caramels or other non-chunky chocolate bars (Milky Way, Rolos and Three Musketeers, I'm looking at you) into hot coffee and stir to melt into a specialty coffee drink.

Save colorful candies to decorate gingerbread houses.

Check out Operation Shoe Box to send the candy to troops overseas

Some Dental Offices participate in a Candy Buyback program where you trade your candy for prizes
and such.

For more really fun ideas, check here !

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