Monday, August 1, 2011

A Window into My Open Fridge

Poor, vulnerable fridge in all it's open glory...
This is a long time in coming (what can I say, I am technically challenged), but you can now access my blog by just typing in!  So simple, so sleek and modern! works too, however.  Of course, you could also skip that typing all together and just become follower of the blog too... ; )

In honor of my new domain name,

Here are a few fun facts about my (real) Open Fridge:
These are some real heart-bearing revelations.  Please, no judging here.

*My fridge is almost always obscenely messy.  It's rarely well organized and usually there's some combination of  something sticky and crumbs on the shelves.

*Currently, there is an entire tub of plain yogurt that is waiting to be returned back to the grocery store because when I opened it, it had green, fuzzy mold growing on the top.  Yuck.  Have you ever returned a food item?  I have not and working up the courage, but really don't want to eat the cost of furry yogurt.

*I own more condiments than anyone I know and they are always jocky-ing for space in the various cubbies on the door.  There's also a little collection of tiny packets from fast food restaurants trying to take over.  Please tell me, does anyone have any bright ideas for those?

Occasionally I use a couple here and there--for instance if I'm playing "restaurant" with the boys for lunchtime or just plumb run out of Heinz in the big bottle (always, always Heinz Ketchup--not usually so brand particular, but in our house we always use Heinz Ketchup and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese <--that one the little boys and I are not quite so picky on but the Man of the House has put his foot down regarding generic macaroni and cheese).

*Hanging out on the door (trying to avoid the tangle of aforementioned condiments), there is one lonely can of Cream Soda that my five year old has finally given up asking when we can make "Cream Soda Bread" (like beer bread, but with cream soda--not that I have anything against authentic beer bread, we just usually don't have it in the house) not so much because he wants Cream Soda Bread but because he wants to drain the leftover soda that is now probably way expired (does soda actually expire?).

* We always have an insane number of eggs in our fridge.  I believe the current count is 22.  For some reason, I get a little bit panicky if we get anywhere close to low on eggs. 

*I like having a one year old in the house because whole milk tastes much better in coffee than skim.  In fact, I have decided that half and half tastes even better than whole milk and have forgone sweetener in favor of richer dairy.  Milk is another thing we just don't run out on. 

* On the top shelf, there are green onions hanging out in a cup of water.  I swear it makes them last longer.  I also swear I manage to knock that cup of water over at least once a week. 

* Also on the top shelf is a bunch of very brown bananas.  I'm working up the motivation to make some banana muffins with them.  Maybe tomorrow...

What are your fridge staples?

Recipes (God willing) coming this week:
Shrimp Fajitas
Cranberry Almond Wild Rice Salad
Revisiting some of my summer favorites
Something with brown bananas...
Sausage Potato Brunch Casserole
Juicy Lucy Hamburgers (but I am embarrassed of the terrible photos, so I don't know...)

Let me know if something piques your interest or if you have any other requests!


  1. I'll have to do a post like this. I have several fridge staples.

  2. Amy, you definitely should do a post on your fridge staples. I'd be curious to hear about your standards!