Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thoughts on The Next Food Network Star...Episode 1

Note: These are purely my ramblings, proceed at your own risk! : ) 

I had a very sweet friend say that while she was watching The Next Food Network Star she was thinking of me and wondering what I would've made for the challenges.  I have always watched that show and thought "I could do that!" (to the tune that I--to my embarrassment--have actually auditioned a couple times.  I actually got a bit of positive feedback in a previous season's audition rounds but that's as far as it ever went).  On the other hand, I have also watched the show and thought, "There's no way on Earth I could do that!  I am so not cut out!"

One of the things that always goes through my head when I watch the show is that the food I cook is not flashy enough for the show.  It always seems like the contestants make really complicated sounding sauces and use exotic ingredients.  While I think this is interesting and I enjoy the challenge of using lesser known items and techniques, my cooking style definitely is aimed at accessibility.  I want to make things that aren't intimidating and use ingredients that every day people have actually heard of and can find in their own local grocery store.  Still, since I feel like I have a strength in coming up with dishes made from what's on hand, I have always thought the challenges looked really fun. 

Since we got rid of our cable this past Fall, I thought I wouldn't get to see the show I enjoyed so much, but thanks to Hulu, I am getting to see the episodes.  They don't post right away, and since I've had a really busy week I'm pretty behind in viewing, but I suppose as more episodes go on, there might be marathons played and maybe these thoughts (although probably not interesting) might be more relevant.

First Episode Challenge:
Brunch or Breakfast Dish that is "You on a Plate":
I would probably make something along the lines of a breakfast sandwich with a "frizzled egg (see my poached fried egg post)," slices of ripe tomato, freshly ground black pepper and tangy goat cheese broiled on an whole wheat English muffin (maybe finished with some ripe, creamy avocado slices?).  Why is this me?  Born out of ingredients on hand, it comes together in a snap.  It's on the healthy side with the whole wheat muffin and a simple, slight twist on an original, familiar food (the poached-fried method on the egg rather than just a fried or plain poached).

It doesn't seem very fancy compared to what the other contestants put out there...oh well, it's "me" and accessible to other home cooks.

Also, to anyone else who's watching the show...oh my goodness, how awful does Penny come across in the editing? Who's your favorite contestant on the show?

p.s. For real recipes this week, I'm hoping to make a BLT Panzanella Salad, a Coconut Lime Pie and Boston Cream Cupcakes...we'll see how that pans out and if it does, I'll definitely share my results!

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  1. Yeah!!! I am so glad you have started watching, I can wait to read all your upcoming posts about the shows and of course the dishes you would make! Looking forward to pics of your Boston cream cupcakes, sounds super yummy!