Monday, August 2, 2010


No recipe here, just an update. I was not picked as a finalist for the Food Network You Tube Challenge contest. Sigh. The people who were picked are really talented, though, and it just reaffirms to me that I certainly need more camera experience. There is still the Open Call auditions that are coming to Denver in a few weeks and I am going to attend that--if anything, just for the experience. I know that my purpose (we've been going through The Purpose Driven Life in a small group we host so this is definitely on my mind right now) in life has something to do with incorporating food and hospitality with ministry, just not sure what that's supposed to look like yet. Thankfully, God does and I am really loving doing something small and concrete in these pages for now! : ) And, with how much Silas loves to cook, perhaps my purpose is really just to be raising "The Next Food Network Star."

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